I'm a 20-year-old freelance graphic designer with an interest in photography. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and currently live in Rochester, Minnesota, which is where I've grown up most of my life.

I first started getting interested with design and photography around age 16. They both started out as just fun hobbies that occurred in between school and sports, but they quickly went from small hobbies to my dream careers. I also started a YouTube channel shorty after I found interest in design and photography. With the channel today, I still create a wide range of graphic design and music content. The channel has grown to over 60,000 subscribers and 6 Million video views. The channel has helped tremendously with getting me clients for freelance work.

Right after I graduated from high school I went to a community college here in Minnesota to study Communication Art & Design. It ended up not being the right thing for me. I had a strong dislike for the traditional art classes I was required to take and didn't learn much of anything I didn't already know or taught myself with design. So I decided not to finish college, for now.

Other than design and photography; sports, music, family, and traveling is what my life revolves around.
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